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How to quickly change department display style on chart panel?

OrgChart place departments in tree structure, there are options for the uses to specify how to render the departments:

  • Property visibility
  • Color
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Layout of sub departments

The display style of parent department can be easily applied to all the sub departments. For example, if need to change color of all the sub departments, we can update the color of the parent department, then tap on “apply to sub units” button to update all the color of sub departments.


How to build direct relationship between departments when their organization level gap > 1?

OrgChart organises departments in tree structure, every department is the child of (only) one parent department(except the top level department). For the case if also need to present organization level structure (not the tree structure reporting relationship). for example a 3 levels organization structure. CEO -> Director -> Department Head, but some department head directly report to CEO. To show the organization level be clear, we can just add a virtual department (with different display style) between the CEO and the department heads. Following please check the solution:


How to input departments quickly?

As the demo in the guide video, except inputing units one by one, multiple units can be inputed together, and be imported from iOS contacts.


  • Import from iOS contact
  • Batch input – input/paste multiple units together. We can prepare all the units properties in PC and send the text to iPad via email, then paste the text into the batch input view.

    Input units line by line, add space to begin of each line to adjust unit hierarchy and separate the properties of unit by character “/” in each line. For example, to add sub units to unit A:

    • Long press on unit “A” to display function menus
    • Tap on the menu “Batch add sub units”
    • Input (or copy text your prepared on other devices or PC, and paste it here) text as following
      1/Job 1/People 1
      1.1/Job 1.1/People 1.1
      1.2/Job 1.2/People 1.2
      2/Job 2/People 2
      3/Job 3/People 3(pay attention, there is space before the second and third line)
Assistant relationship?


  • Change layout of parent department
  • Long press on sub department, to change the connection point
  • Done